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Knights of Columbus 

Pennsylvania Central District

Fourth Degree 

KofC New Officer Service Baldrics

  • Color Corp Commander Officer Service Baldric
    Color Corps Commander - NEW Service Baldric
    Faithful Navigator/ Past Faithful Navigator New Officer Service Baldric
    Faithful Navigator / PFN - NEW Service Baldric
    District Marshal NEW Officer Service Baldric
    Marshal - NEW Service Baldric
  • Master New Officer Service Baldric
    MASTER / FM - NEW Service Baldric
    Vice Supreme Master / FVSM New Officer Service Baldric
    VICE SUPREME MASTER / FVSM - NEW Service Baldric
    Supreme Master / Supreme Knight & Former New Officer Service Baldric

Effective January 11, 2023, the new service baldric are  available for sale through English Company kofcsupplies.com. The baldric will be sold in various sizes. The new baldric color for each position will be as follows.

Supreme Master/Supreme Knight/former - Dark Blue

Vice Supreme Master/FVSM -  Light Blue

District Master/FM - Gold

Marshal (active/ currently serving) - Green

Faithful Navigator/PFN - New White

Color Corps Commander (active / currently serving) - Purple

Member Original issue service baldric - NO CHANGE



As for placing orders, it is the responsibility of each member to place their order, with correct size needed, with the English Company.

As per the Supreme Masters direction for the transitional period, naturally we would like each member to order his new baldric ASAP. We acknowledge that it will take some time for everyone to get on board. However the New Officer Baldric is now part of the Official Uniform and should be purchased as soon as possible for all officers whos position requires the new Baldric.

PLEASE NOTE:  There will be NO RED PATCH or BALDRIC for the regular member. They continue to wear the original service baldric currently in use.

Orders can be placed with the English Company by clicking the Baldric for your office above or the Order Now button.

Order New Office Baldric Now 
(The English Company)
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