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Knights of Columbus 

Pennsylvania Central District

Fourth Degree 

Exemplification of the Fourth Degree

Exemplification of the
Fourth Degree

April 22, 2023

St. Thomas More Parish
1040 Flexer Avenue
Allentown PA 18103

Exemplification Brochure

Spring Exemplification Honoree John Fitzpatrick

Exemplification Honoree

Former Master John Fitzpatrick
Pennsylvania Central District
Spring 2023 Exemplification Reservation Voucher

Exemplification Banquet Voucher

Candidate Information


The Fourth Degree is a group of outstanding Knights, dedicated to promoting patriotism enlightened by their Catholic faith.  These Knights, distinguished by exemplary deeds for God, for country, and the Order, are united by the Fourth Degree to support religious, civic, and charitable causes.

Fourth Degree members belong to local units called assemblies.  Each assembly is involved in a wide range of public patriotic activities.

Each assembly maintains a Fourth Degree Color Corps and Honor Guard.  Uniformed members wearing the Official Uniform, and swords participate in special civic and religious ceremonies.  For this reason, the Fourth Degree is often called the visible arm of the Knights of Columbus.


To qualify for the Fourth Degree, one must:

  1. Be over 18 years of age;
  2. Be a citizen of the United States;
  3. Be a Third Degree member in good standing with your Council;
  4. Be a practical Catholic in Communion with the Holy See.


Registration of Candidates…..               12:00 PM

Exemplification......................                  1:00 PM

Exemplification Mass………                      4:00 PM

Banquet..................................                  5:30 PM



Initiation Fee
(includes 1 banquet ticket, lapel pin, pin on social baldric, and processing fees)

 Lay Candidates, Deacons and Seminarians ……………………... $70.00

 Priests and members Of religious order ……………….. $50.00

Additional Banquet Tickets………. $45.00

Suspender Baldric……….……….... $5.00

Each candidate receives one banquet ticket, which is included in his fee.  No credit is allowed if the candidate does not attend the banquet.  Tickets are not transferable.


All banquet reservations must be made through the Faithful Comptroller of Your Assembly or mailed to District Secretary John Meenan no later than April 1, 2023.

Banquet will be held at: The Columbian Home, 1519 Greenleaf St., Allentown, PA 18102 @ 5:30 PM



The official dress for the Fourth Degree Exemplification is dark suit, long neck tie, plain white shirt, and black shoes.  Religious may wear their clerical garb and members of the armed forces or full time police and firefighting officers may wear their respective dress uniforms. Members shall wear the official dress plus social baldric, lapel pin and current jewel of office.

**Official dress required until completion of Dinner**



All applications for membership in the Fourth Degree must be received by April 1, 2023, and banquet reservations must be made no later than April 1, 2023.  Payment in full must accompany all banquet reservations.


Admission to any of the events requires a pre-paid reservation prior to April 22, 2023.

** No refunds after this date**


For Further Information Contact:

District Secretary, Pennsylvania Central District

John Meenan, FDD, PGK, PFN

3018 Hemlock Farms

Lords Valley, Pennsylvania 18428



Dear Lovely Ladies,

 I hope this letter finds you well. For those who do not know me, I am Sarah Hallock, the wife of the Master of the Pennsylvania Central District, Brian Hallock. Just a little about me I teach 5th grade at the Scranton School District and manage my father's medical practice. Brian and I have been married for almost six years and live in Pittston with our dog Lucky. The ladies will meet in the Disciples Room inside the church of St. Thomas More, 1040 Flexer Avenue, Allentown, PA; the men will be in the Annex building across the street.

 I am so excited to spend the day with you while your husband, significant other, or family member makes their 4th degree into the Knights of Columbus. As a wife of a Master of the 4th Degree, it is important to ensure that all of you have a fun, faith-filled day. My goal is to create a day where we, too, as the ladies, can diverge in fellowship and fun. I hope in the process; we can meet and make new friends.

 We will gather for lunch, create blessing bags for the homeless, and end the day with some games. Our blessing bags will be made up of necessities, toiletries, non-perishable food items, personal items, and some extra things. We will purchase and collect items to make as many bags as possible. All of the bags will then be donated to the local shelter in Scranton. If you want to donate some items, I have attached a list of possible items to this letter.

I look forward to seeing you at the ladies' program on April 22nd and spending the day together!

Warm regards,
Lady Sarah
Masters Wife - Pennsylvania Central District

Ladies Program - Cost: $30.00
Reservations can be made online BELOW (preferred) or by returning the bottom portion of the Ladies Program Brochure with a check.

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