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Knights of Columbus 

Pennsylvania Central District

Fourth Degree 

Pennsylvania Central District 

2024 Biennial Meeting 

On April 6th, 2024 the Pennsylvania Central District will call together our District Assembly for our Biennial Meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to select three (3) recommendations for the position of Master of the Fourth Degree for the Pennsylvania Central District, elect the Master's Audit Committee, and consider matters consonant with the good of the Fourth Degree.

Notice is hereby given to the scheduling of the Biennial Meeting of the Pennsylvania Central District.  The District Assembly meeting will be held on Saturday, April 6, 2024. The venue for this meeting will be at the Saint Patrick’s Church Hall, 411 Allegheny St., White Haven, PA 18661. We will begin with Mass offered by our District Friar Rev. August Riccardi. We encourage you to attend with us

Doors for Registration will open 10:30 AM.  We will then convene the Biennial Meeting in the Church Hall at 11:00 AM.  A dinner will be served following the closing of the meeting.  The cost of the dinner will be $17 per person. 

Please see the below packet to be presented at your Assembly Business Meeting. 

      *All delegates from each assembly in the District need to be elected at the February Business Meeting*

On Saturday, April 6th, 2024, the Pennsylvania Central District held the 2024 District Assembly - Biennial Meeting. Our day began with a mass offered by District Friar Rev. August Ricciardi in the church. The meeting was held at Saint Patrick’s Church Hall, 411 Allegheny St., White Haven, PA 18661. 

District Master Brian Hallock reported about the current status (State of the District), focusing on fraternity and getting the Color Corps more active throughout the District. He also spoke about the 125th Anniversary of the Fourth Degree and the updated exemplification. 

Other district staff members also gave a report, including items such as Color Corps Trainings, Assembly Star Council Goals, and other items related to working with the Third Degree.  

A necrology report was given honoring the members of the Pennsylvania Central District who have passed since the last biennial meeting. 

More information is available below on the 2024 Biennial Meeting. 

2024 Biennial Meeting Minutes 
Minutes of the 2022 Biennial Meeting 
Minutes of the 2022 Biennial Meeting Pennsylvania Central District
Biennial Meeting 2024 - Agenda
District Masters Report
Master Brian Hallock gives Knights of Columbus Report
District Friar's Report
District Friars Report Rev. August Ricciardi
Knights of Columbus KofC Resolutions 2024 Biennial Meeting
Necrology Report
Pennsylvania Central District Necrology Report 2024 Biennial Meeting
2024 Biennial Meeting Slide Desk 
2024 Biennial Meeting Photo Gallery
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